General Needs Housing List

We offer 58 self-contained flats on our main site at St Peter’s (Saltley) and six houses within the local area which are all let on a general needs basis to those who are 18 years and over.

St Peter’s (Saltley) is a small Housing association and our waiting list is opened when  the list falls to a maximum of 10 applicants.

Any lists that are open will be advertised here so please keep checking this page for updates.

The waiting lists for our general needs 1, 2 & 3 bedroom properties are now closed for new housing applications.  We will update this webpage when any are open again.

Applications to Rent with St Peter’s (Saltley)

All applicants to St Peter’s (Saltley) are considered in line with a banding system. All applicants will be interviewed within 8 weeks of receiving an application and placed in the relevant band.

Band 1
  • Harassment, violence, abuse (domestic & non domestic)
  • Under occupancy / downsizing (efficient use of stock)
  • Extensive work to property that requires a move
  • Severe medical / mobility need
  • Homeless / No fixed abode
Band 2
  • Overcrowding
  • Lacking facilities & sharing facilities with non-family members
  • To give or receive care
  • Victim of ASB
  • Urgent medical or mobility issues
  • People living in a flat with children who request a house
  • Condition of property poor
Band 3
  • Existing tenant – no need assessed in band 1 or 2
  • No housing need
  • Council nomination via Choice Based Lettings, the Disabled Persons Housing Register, direct nominations

For more detailed information on assessment/interview and offers of properties, please download the General Lettings Policy:


Birmingham City Council properties

Birmingham City Council’s Choice Based Lettings Scheme is the way that the Council let their homes. Every week the properties available are advertised on the Birmingham Home Choice website and applicants can choose whether to bid on a property. More information about this scheme is available on