Meet the St Peter’s Board Members:

Ken Hazeldene – Chair

Ken Hazeldene has extensive experience in social housing management within both local authorities and housing associations. Ken is a retired Justice of the Peace but remains active in community-based projects.

He is Chair of North Worcestershire Independent Advisory Group for West Mercia Police Service and is Co-Chair of the Strategic Independent Advisory Group. Ken is also a Trustee of St Peters Urban Village Trust and was the former Chair of North Worcestershire Hate Incident Partnership.

Lisa Barnes – Vice-Chair

Lisa Barnes is the co-founder of Fractal Edge, a successful technology company and is a co-founding partner of an organisation developing innovative renewable energy technology. She also heads up the strategy and business development for a German zero waste technology company.

Lisa has previous board member and extensive experience as a director in business and community development plus stakeholder management.

She was a Trustee of the Tabernacle Trust (an award-winning charitable organisation) where she helped raise over £5m to refurbish a building as a multi-purpose community arts centre.

Faisal Nasim

Local-born Faisal Nasim is a chartered accountant and has worked in various roles across investment banking, private banking and wealth management. He has extensive experience in working with Boards to ensure appropriate governance arrangements & risk management practices are in place.

Faisal currently works as a Senior Risk Manager for Solihull based Secure Trust Bank where he is responsible for the design and implementation of the bank’s risk framework, operational risk capital and risk reporting.

Faisal was born and raised in Saltley and continues to maintain close ties to the local community within which St Peters is based.

Mark Pinnell

Mark Pinnell is Executive Director of Asset Management and Development at Solihull Community Housing where he has worked for the last 15 years. He has recently re-written their 30-year plan and associated Asset Management Strategy.

Mark has led a number of significant asset management projects, has chaired a number of project groups, hosted tenant and contractor events and has been involved with the North Solihull Regeneration Partnership since its conception.

Alan Hamer

Alan Hamer is currently Director of Care at Queen Alexandra College, a national college for learners with disabilities which provides further education, respite and supported living for student and clients with visual impairment, autism and other disabilities. Alan is responsible for the care services and accommodation for 70 disabled young people.

He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing and is currently studying for a post-grad certificate in Strategic Management & Leadership.

Jon Dickin

Jon has been working in the social housing sector for more than 10 years and during this time has held operational, strategic and senior management positions.

Jon is currently Head of Neighbourhoods for Aspire Housing and is responsible for a wide range of services including Money Advice, Neighbourhood Services and Tenancy Sustainment and Wellbeing.

Jon previously worked for Solihull Community Housing where he was Head of Housing and Neighbourhoods and chair of North Localities for the Solihull borough.

He has a real passion for putting customers first, ensuring they are involved in key decisions that affect them.


Tansy Crowley-Sweet

Tansy currently holds the post of Income and Residential Property Manager at Walsall Housing Group, a community focused housing provider with 21,000 properties.

She leads her organisation in a number of key projects aimed at mitigating the impact of Universal Credit and works collaboratively in the sector with Local Authorities and DWP to ensure tenants can sustain tenancies

Before beginning work in the housing sector three years ago Tansy worked in the field of supply chain at a global manufacturing brand and headed up the Customer Service Operation in the UK & Ireland.