Snouber, Project Coordinator and founder of Women Empowering Women (WEW)

“Our Women Empowering Women (WEW) group has been using the hall at St Peter’s since 2016. We have got to know some of the staff quite well and they are all very friendly and helpful. St Peter’s is a very comfortable and secure place to live and the tenants seem well looked after. I’d certainly be very happy to live there if I was on my own. I got to know some of the tenants quite well when I worked on the Forgotten Voices of Birmingham project with some of them. They are really nice people.”

Tony, Tenant

“It’s lovely living here at St Peter’s. It’s quiet and peaceful and my ground floor flat overlooks the grounds. I feel very safe knowing there are security cameras and the gates are locked at night. That means a lot when you are getting older. There’s a good sense of community and my neighbours are friendly. The staff are great and if I need any help it’s easy to call the office and they deal with any problems immediately.”

Roger, Owner, Taku Kon Karate

“I have run Karate classes in St Peter’s Hall every Saturday for more than a year. St Peter’s has been brilliant in offering me the hall rent-free, which means I can keep my prices low so parents can more easily afford to pay for classes for their children. So many children sit around at home with nothing to do. At St Peter’s I mostly teach children and young people but I’d love to see more tenants taking part. “

Shaf, Head Coach, B.A. Boxing

“St Peter’s is a real home from home for us. We’ve been running our boxing club here for more than eight years and we feel that we’re really part of the St Peter’s Community. Residents are always popping in and out to say hello and have a chat, even if they aren’t taking part in the exercise. The emphasis is on health and wellbeing and we welcome everyone, whatever their age, shape or condition.”

Pamela, Tenant

“I moved into my flat in March 2020, just before lockdown and I am pleased that I moved then as I am closer to my family and they have been able to do my shopping for me as I am over 70 and need to self-isolate. I am coping well because there’s no other choice but I am looking forward to being to get out and meet my neighbours and more members of staff.”

Catherine, Tenant

“I moved to my flat at St Peter’s when my husband died 17 years ago and I have always been very happy here. It’s a big flat so I am very comfortable and all the local shops are quite close by. All the staff are so friendly and helpful. I love being able to chat to my neighbours or going to the communal lounge in Middle College to see people. It’s a lovely community here and I feel very safe.”

Ifrah, Tenant

“I like living here at St Peter’s. My two children and I are very happy in our flat because it’s friendly and we feel safe. The shops, schools and park are close by too. I have good neighbours and the staff are very nice. If I have any problems or need something fixing, I can ask them for help. We’ve been here a long time now – more than nine years – so everyone knows me well which is a good feeling.”